CD to mp3? Wav to mp3? Audio converter or mp3 converter?

Imagine this. You just bought some great songs online and decided to download them and spend some evening time listening your tracks.

But then you try to copy the songs onto a cd and bring it to your car's cd player and enjoy your music while driving.

And then Nothing Happens!

You then search online for audio converter software and then get hit with these problems:

1. Which mp3 converter to choose from?

2. How to convert to the right format? Should I convert wav to mp3, cd to mp3, flac to wav, or wma to flac?

3. Why so many formats in the first place?

Are you tired of the various audio formats that exists today?

Wouldn't it be great if there is a solution to these pesky formats?

If that's you, then this site answers specific questions on how to:

1. Convert your cd to mp3

Replace your cd entirely with your mp3 collection and then listen on your ipod.

2. Convert wav to mp3

You have a plethora of wav files on your hard drive right now but is consuming disk space. (WAV files usually are around 30-50 MB)

Use an audio converter to compress it to mp3 and save space.

3. Use the right software for the right job

What if you have a tool that can convert wav to mp3, but can't change flac to mp3?

Not every audio converter software can solve every problem, but I can show you how to find specific tools for the right format.

4. Convert any formats without sacrificing audio quality.

This is especially true if you are utilizing lossy compression instead of lossless compression, thus reducing the quality of the music. This site will show you how to avoid that.

5. Find audio converter programs that can solve your format problems in a few clicks.

The key here is speed. You may have to use a combination of software and tools just to get the format right. And this is time consuming.

Skip all those steps and focus your time on enjoying your music rather than ruining your evening on unnecessary software.

6. And many more

So explore around the site and have fun converting!