Simple Steps to Convert MP3 to CD audio using Windows Media Player 12

There is a good reason to convert mp3 to cd audio so that you can listen your tracks on cd stereo players or in a car.

However the best way to preserve audio quality when converting is using audio CDs as a source.

Bear in mind that if you wish to convert mp3 to cd audio (or specifically, mp3 to cda format) instead of the other way around, your tracks may sound quite muddy. This is due to the compressed nature of the file. (mp3s are usually in lossy compression)

A way to remedy this is to convert mp3 to cda using high quality bit rate mp3s (320kbps or higher). That way your music stays sharp and close to the original file.

So let's move on with the process shall we?

There are 3 things that you need:

1. A blank CD-R

2. A DVD or CD burner

3. Windows Media Player 12 (included in Windows 7)

Step 1

Fire up Windows Media Player. Go to Start, All Programs and then choose Windows Media Player.

mp3 to cd audio 1

Step 2

In the upper right hand corner, select "Burn"

mp3 to cd audio 2

Step 3

Move your mouse to the little box with a blue tick. That's the burn option settings. Click on it and make sure "audio CD" is selected

Optional : You can also name your CD by choosing Name disc and then name your title, but I usually skip it.

mp3 to cd audio 3

Step 4

Just drag all your mp3 files (maximum of 15-18 songs in a CD audio) to the "Drag items here to create burn list" area and click "Start burn"

mp3 to cd audio 4

Step 5

Insert a CD-R or CD-RW into your burner.

mp3 to cd audio 5

Wait until the burning process completes. Your CD burner should eject itself after that.

That's it! You're done.

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