Simple Steps to Convert FLAC to MP3 using Audacity

Recently I wanted to play my music on my galaxy S phone but it doesn’t work. It turns out that the file is in FLAC, not mp3 format. My phone doesn’t support FLAC.

(If you don’t know what FLAC is, basically it’s a lossless audio format much similar to wav files.)

So I looked at Google and discovered a simple solution on how to convert flac to mp3 using the free Audacity software.

Before that though, you need to do 3 things:

1. Download Audacity from (latest version is 2.01)

2. Download Lame MP3 Encoder for Audacity from (latest version is v3.99.3)

3. After you have downloaded them, proceed to install audacity first. Then, install Lame MP3 Encoder.

Now I’ll go through the steps required to convert flac to mp3

1. Open Audacity (Double click the audacity icon in your desktop) Your window should look like this:

flac to mp3

(Note: You don’t have to mess with all the buttons and functions that you see on screen. You won’t even have to use them at all! Since Audacity is meant for editing audio files, your only task is to convert flac to mp3. That’s it! It’s easy and I’ll show you in just a few simple steps).

2. Go to “File”, “Open…

3. Locate your flac audio file (In this case I choose “test” in my
“FLAC files” folder).

Now your screen should look similarly like this:

You should see some blue waveforms appearing on the window. Again,
ignore all the buttons and settings on the screen.

4. Select “File”, then “Export…

5. Rename your file (E.g. I renamed it as test1). Under “Save as
type”, make sure you select MP3 Files. Click “Save” when you are done

Optional: If you wish to adjust the quality of your mp3 before
conversion, click on the “Options…” button.

Here, you can select the bitrate for your music. I chose Constant and 320 kbps for the highest quality.

Click “OK” to proceed

6. Next the “Edit metadata” window will appear. You can add the name
of the artist, track title, genre, etc.

If you backed up your cd to flac, you won’t have to add anything as the metadata is already copied from the audio cd during conversion.

Click “OK” to start converting flac to mp3.

7. Wait for Audacity to convert flac to mp3 (usually takes about 10-
15 seconds)

8. Finally, locate your converted mp3 file and test it.

Congratulations, you have successfully converted flac to mp3.

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