10 Steps to Convert CDA to MP3 using the Free Windows Media Player 12

If you wish to convert CDA to MP3 then look no further. Windows Media Player 12 can do the job.

Of course you can use other tools (which are more powerful in my opinion), but you can start using Windows Media Player 12 immediately without the hassel of downloading and installing other software.

Follow the steps below:

1. Start Windows Media Player 12

2. Go to the menu at the top, select "Tools", and then "Options..."

convert CDA to MP3 1

3. Click on the "Rip Music" Tab

convert CDA to MP3 2

4. You now have several options to adjust some settings :

a) Rip music to this location

    You can change where your final destination files are stored by clicking on Change. I usually select desktop as it is convenient for me to locate my converted tracks.

    You can also select "File Name..." to add or edit additional info about naming options, but I usually skip this

b) Rip Settings
    Choose your audio qualtiy carefully.

    If you convert CDA to MP3 always know that the conversion process always results in a lossy format (files are compressed into smaller size in expense of some audio quality).

    Windows Media Player allows you to choose up to 6 audio formats:

convert CDA to MP3 3

    Our objective is to convert CD audio to MP3 so we choose MP3 as our format.

    I recommmend that you choose 320Kbps which is the highest quality.

    If size is of concern then you can slide down to 256 or 192Kbps. I generally stay away from using 128Kbps as it can sound muddy when listening in my opinion.

5. Click "Apply", then OK

6. Insert your favorite CD into your DVD/CD reader.

7. Press the "Rip CD" button to start ripping CD to MP3.

convert CDA to MP3 4

8. Wait for Windows Media Player to convert CDA to MP3 until it finishes

convert CDA to MP3 5

9. After the "rip CD to MP3" process is complete, your CD burner should eject itself automatically.

10. Finally, locate the music folder that you specified earlier in the Options Menu. In this case my mp3 files is on desktop.

Tip : Click here if you want to convert your MP3 to CD audio (for playing your music in cd players or in a car).

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