How to use Monkey's Audio to Convert from ape to wav

This tutorial describes how to convert (or more accurately decompress) an ape file to wav.

Basically ape is a lossless file compression format much similar to wav and flac.

Ape compression results in no data loss hence you can guarantee the quality is exactly identical as the original one.

But before you convert ape to wav, you'll need to get the free software (the current version is 4.10)

Let's proceed.

1. Start the monkey's audio program by either double clicking on the desktop's monkey's audio shortcut.

Alternatively you can click start, all programs, monkey's audio folder, and then click on monkey's audio.

2. Go to "mode" and select "decompress" as you'll convert the ape file to wav.

3. Click on "Add Files". In this case, I select "demo1" ape file as an example.

4. Now go to "tools", then "options". On the left select "Output". Under Output Location, you can choose where you want to store your converted file. From here I select "Output to same directory as source file".

5. Click "Decompress" to start the conversion process. Depending on the file(s) that you convert, it is usually fast (5 seconds for a single ape file).

6. After conversion, your file should be located on the desktop folder

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